Job, Career, Passion – Pick Two!

“What do I want to be when I grow up”; an expression that rings true with today’s workforce, whether just starting out in the business world or someone with many years of experience. The business communities, the economic landscape, are calling for employees who are better educated, experienced and have excellent interpersonal skills.

The educational, cultural transition is alive a well and a real concern for employers. Generational shift from the Boomers to the Millennials, and the Z’s coming up quick are changing the motivational concepts. What was once important about security, loyalty, and power has shifted to life- balance, fair and equitable, trust, and the environment.

Motivational content concepts from what many of us have studied in school, Maslow Hierarchy of Needs Theory, Aldermen’s ERG Theory, Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory or Process Theories such as Expectancy, Goal, and Equity Theories are in need of a more in-depth review. Thinking innovatively about what is important to our workforce and applying the strategies to motivate and improve self-worth.

Having the opportunity to instruct and train hundreds of people in private business, and formal education there is a disparity on what individuals want to accomplish. With that said, and with an unscientific bias view, the trend for job seekers, is first to follow his or her passion, and then secure a job. A career comes last due to the rapid changes in our business segments.

The importance of a career has taken a step back, and personal rewards have taken center stage. The, “What’s in it for ME” has taken a revised meaning. Education also needs to take a revised approach. Teaching process, critical thinking, managing a diverse workforce and problem solving are required elements for success. Narratives, case studies, role plays, and the understanding of finances outcomes are required learning.

With the lack of longevity within an organization, transferable skills are a requirement. That is why people whether starting out or with a year of experience need to constantly think of the next opportunity, and what skills are in his or her proverbial toolkit, and what skills need to be added. Setting a career path is like writing a business plan which needs to contain and executive summary, mission and value statement, marketing strategy, product description, SWOT analysis, and financial summary. To many this is difficult but when complete it could become your a ha moment.

I would like to think that a people-centric approach will prevail in our current business environment. However, the challenge of retaining quality staff now faces new challenges, and that is to satisfy the passion in people.

Andrew is an Adjunct Professor at CUNY, The Institute of Culinary Education, and the Long Island Business Institute. Andrew is a certified instructor with the National Restaurant Association, and the American Lodging Association. Currently is the principle of Strategic Management Consultants, offering fresh eye reviews for service operator, financial review, performance management evaluations, labor optimization studies, marketing strategies, food safety, and employee training for both front line and management staff.

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5 Keys To Better, More Successful EVENTS

Regardless of the type, scope, reason, for a specific event, the success (or failure), is nearly always dependent upon the actions, planning, and abilities of the planning group, and/ or individual, and the quality of leadership and professionalism, they exhibit/ display! Organizations hold these for a variety of purposes and reasons, including: fundraising; organizational planning/ governance; educational; motivation; social; etc. Let’s review what one must do, in order to enhance the possibilities, and create/ produce, the most meaningful, effective, successful event, possible. In order to be considered to be so, one must consider the purpose, marketing, perceptions, empathetic considerations, negotiations, etc. Therefore, this article will examine, from a mnemonic perspective, 5 essential keys, to better, more effective, successful EVENTS.

1. Energy; enjoyable: When an attendee immediately observes a positive, motivating, energetic feeling, he is far more willing to remain open – minded, and happy to be participating! After all, why would anyone want to go somewhere, if it wasn’t enjoyable, and, hopefully, meaningful and productive?

2. Value; values; vision: There is often quite a bit of competition for a potential attendee’s attention and participation. Why should someone opt to attend yours, rather than another? Leaders must know what they are trying to achieve, from the onset, so they properly, effectively negotiate, in order to bring quality and value, and the perception of more bang, for the buck! However, in this quest, one must never abandon the values or reasons, for holding this event. True leaders must possess a vital, vibrant vision, in order to make every aspect, the most desirable.

3. Empathy; entice; entertain: Like in every other leadership aspect, real leaders must possess empathy, in considering planning and producing their events. What do constituents seek, need, and prioritize? How will you entice them to attend, because an event can only be successful, if you get your target audience to attend? Use the proper proportion of entertaining them, motivating, and educating, and do so effectively, efficiently and professionally.

4. Needs; nuances: How will you assure your event addresses the needs, concerns and priorities of potential attendees? How is your group different and unique, and what nuances will you employ, in order to motivate them?

5. Trends; timely: Many groups fall into the trap, of refusing to evolve, and merely try to clone previous versions of these functions/ events. Know the trends and tendencies, taking advantage of them. Articulate and motivate, in a timely, well – considered manner!

6. Strengthen; solutions: Every event should seek to strengthen the group, in some way. What obstacles and/ or challenges will you address, and will you show viable solutions, which satisfy needs and concerns?

These are just a few of the considerations which professional negotiators and planners, consider and think about, when producing an event. Wouldn’t you want better, more successful, EVENTS?

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Surrounding Yourself With The Right Company Is Vital To Your Success

You’ll eventually become some individuals who surround you that’s something I learned painfully costly way.

Everybody features a story and so they all contain pros and cons choices through which we take pride in and decisions we regret making. This is often difficult remembrances that people must live, but ultimately, it comes down lower towards the lessons we could glean from them.

We are all reflections of the people we keep in our lives and interact with on a daily basis. Their actions and behaviors all resonate and subconsciously influence our everyday choices.

Associate with people who make you feel happy

It’s so crucial that you have those who satisfy you. Those who lead you to laugh and who enable you to whenever you require assistance – those who genuinely care. Individuals are the type who’re worth keeping within your existence everyone else is just passing through.

Your atmosphere shapes who you are and who you will become. You’re in general control of your existence as well as the products that you employ, why not filter the negative surroundings and place yourself in a positive and fascinating atmosphere, the one that suits your needs?

The most effective example is to look at most likely the very best figures nowadays. How come you think the elite make an effort to place themselves in environments full of like-minded individuals?

Surprisingly, the very best and efficient people have weakness that are similar to yours. Surrounding themselves as well as other individuals, who’re round the same path or who had been through similar journeys, enables them to educate to learn more about themselves.

Connecting yourself with individuals who’re round the journey to produce modifications in their lives and yours, rather than individuals that aren’t in any great position or aren’t developing a difference, is crucial to grow as a person.

Heroines or notable figures that individuals need to become don’t always have to be well-known. It might be your nearest friend or somebody you know – somebody to help you and encourage you to definitely help you to be the person you have to be and who is able to guide you through the journey.

Our egos possess an inclination to trick us we regularly choose to neglect our weaknesses and set them aside. Rather, accept them and use them as leverage to acquire where you have to be.

Talk to like-minded individuals.

If you want to get wealthy, have those who share your objectives or who have formerly achieved them. Desire to start your individual company?

Start networking with established entrepreneurs – those who share the identical dreams, or individuals who’ve already done your work.

Let existence eliminate individuals from your existence who you wouldn’t like around. Don’t have the toxicity and negativity of those who don’t increase the need for your existence people who’ve no prosperous impact on your life only would love you to stay around to fulfill their requirements. Have the innovators, the thinkers as well as the listeners individuals who desire to set an alteration by leaving a footprint inside their existence and yours, individuals who are ready to help others before helping themselves. Focus on their tales – you will probably study a factor or even more.

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Student Loans – 5 Things To Consider Before You Jump Into It

Considering the continuing higher costs of education these days, student loans are still one of the easiest methods to help make your dream of a higher education a reality.

But, before you jump into getting a loan, there are several things you need to think about.


There are 2 types of loans available. Government loans and private loans which are provided by the private financial institutions.

There are good points and negative points for each type but historically it is the government loans that often have the lowest interest rates, these can be a lot easier to obtain because they do not require you to supply a credit history.

With those loans that you would get from private financial institutions, the interest rates can normally be slightly higher but they can allow for better flexibility for repayments.


Government loans are normally fixed,depending on your level of education. With private loans, the amount you borrow can vary and will also depend on your credit history.

It is a good guideline that you only borrow the exact amount of money needed for your tuition. You will have to estimate how much you will need over the course of your tuition. You will also have to think about other expenses e.g. accommodation, living, textbooks fees and other sundry expenses.


The term of your actual loan can be anywhere from 1 to 20 years. If you require a longer period, you will need to consider the interest rates since you might just end up paying more for interest. You will need to work out how much you can re-pay every month after your graduation and give yourself buffer zone of perhaps 3 to 6 months just in case you become unemployed.

Outstanding Loans

If you have any other outstanding loans, it might also be worth considering consolidating all these loans before getting another. If you don’t have the necessary control, repaying many different loans may be too much of a strain.

It is much better to eliminate all of your outstanding loans before getting another loan. You may also be able to get a better interest rate for your other loans as well


Interest rates can vary between different institutions. Government loan interest rates can usually be fixed and are normally very low. Private loan rates can vary depending on the type of monthly re-payment plan you choose.


It is always an advantage to think about setting up some sort of passive income also, there are many ways you can achieve this, you can consider publishing your own books, set up your own crowdfunding opportunity or even set up a more conventional online business.

The best option may be to look at the Government loans because they offer the savings on their low interest rates, this make is much easier to plan for your future. If you consider all these factors then your student loans application may be a lot easier than you think.

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Success Doesn’t Happen By Accident

Most students want to be successful in college. They know that their success in college can lead to success in their careers and in life. However, success does not happen by accident. Yet, not every student is ready to accept that fact.

Unfortunately, some students get it wrong. They come to college with the single goal of having some fun. Of course, that is a choice that students can make. However, fun should only be a small side benefit of their college experience. Launching their careers should be their primary focus. If they leave their college performance and their career goals to chance, success is unlikely to follow.

Students don’t consistently perform well by accident. Nobody does. Therefore, if the student’s goal is to land a job that pays well and gets their career off to a good start, they should think about the statements that follow.

Students don’t:

– Do well on tests by accident

– Create exceptional projects and presentations by accident

– Obtain outstanding references by accident

– Develop a great reputation by accident

– Build an exceptional GPA by accident

– Develop solid job hunting skills by accident

– Develop a list of accomplishments by accident

– Become great leaders by accident

– Develop exceptional communication skills by accident

– Solve complex problems by accident

– Become respected professionals by accident

– Gain exceptional knowledge and skills by accident

– Obtain job related work experience by accident

– Become prepared to compete for good jobs by accident

– Receive amazing job offers by accident

There are things that students can do to become more successful in their college and career endeavors, but they don’t happen by accident either.

Successful students:

– Select a college that will support their career goals

– Work on ideas and goals that are important to them

– Identify and describe the goal clearly

– Create and follow a plan

– Participate in activities that will be of interest to potential employers

– Practice continuous learning – Courses, Reading, Research, Participation & Jobs

– Are willing to make changes and adjustments

– Obtain the necessary information and tools

– Develop the necessary skills and abilities

– Create a work environment free of distractions

– Surround themselves with supportive people

– Devote enough time

– Put in enough effort

– Perform at a high level

– Take calculated risks

– Associate with others who are successful

– Fight for positive outcomes

– Communicate their needs

– Seek help when needed

– Show their appreciation to those who help them

Every student has to make choices. Those choices will determine how successful they will be in college, in their search for employment and in their careers. Therefore, students should keep this thought in the forefront of their minds: Success doesn’t happen by accident.

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Pointers for Successful Online Dating

Everyone is looking for a date to add some flavor to their lives. There are numerous ways of finding a suitable date. One of them is online dating. This method is becoming very popular among people of all ages and genders.
Below are some tips for successful online dating:

• Select a suitable site

There is a variety of sites available for online dating. However, selection of an unsuitable site could lead to frustration. It also implies wastage of time and effort. One way to select a dating site is by analyzing the nuances of various sites through a review site.

• Create a profile on the selected site

Profile creation involves providing details such as age, gender of the date being sought, education level, etc.

Creation of profile also entails uploading a profile picture. Since the profile picture is the first look the prospective dates get, due care should be taken to upload it. It is a good idea to upload a solo picture rather than a group photo. It is better to upload up-to-date photographs rather than old or baby photos.

• Description of self

While creating the profile, you should craft an interesting bio. However, you should not reveal too much about yourself. The bio should be such that it induces curiosity. It is better not to reveal personal details or explicit photographs.

• First message to your date

The first message to your date should be short and not a lengthy one. It is a good idea to personalize the message. You should show an interest in the person which not just physical. It is better to avoid a negative remark.

• When you meet for the first time

You should dress up to look impressive. Since you might have already communicated earlier, you will have an idea about the other person. Therefore, you can think of some ice-breaking chat. It is a good idea to meet in a public place rather than at someone’s home. It is better to go easy on drinks in the first meeting. It is beneficial not to bring up past relationships in the conversation.

When you meet through online dating, you already have an idea about each other’s looks, interests, etc. You may have selected someone based on common interests. Therefore, the probability of success is really high. It is therefore recommended to be honest while creating your profile and uploading latest pictures. This will ensure that the other person approves of the real you and you head to a gratifying relationship.

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3 Great Benefits of Student Loan Consolidation

Some times with student loans some people can sometimes be of the opinion that loan consolidation seems like too much hard work, so they sometimes leave all their existing loans as they are and try to cope with all those payments.

In actual fact, consolidating your existing student loans is not hard at all. It just takes some careful research, to find the right lender that will help you save the maximum amount you can save.

Of course the benefits of consolidating your debts can be significant. Consolidating can save you many hundreds of dollars.

Benefit 1: Less Worry & Stress

Consider the amount of bills you are paying month in and month out. How many of them are from different loan institutions? Like many other people, you may not like keeping track of all your bills that always seem to arrive at many different times throughout the month. Consolidating your loans will solve this for you – you only have to make one payment each month.

Benefit 2: Your Payments will be considerably less.

Bearing in mind that your consolidation rate is usually calculated to be the average overall rate of your existing loans, the resulting consolidation rate can be usually a little less. Which means that your monthly payments will be lower.

Many students and younger graduates often try to compare many different financial institutions with the hope of finding the best rate. But in fact all these lenders must offer you the same interest rate as the Federal Family Education Loan Program. However, most lenders offer more benefits on top of this as well.

Many lenders will tend to reward you with a higher reduction of interest when you setup a direct bank withdrawal. Remember to always pay on time – you can often get a further reduction of up to 1 percent on your existing interest rate when you pay before the due date. This will mean that you will benefit from substantial savings.

Benefit 3: Improved credit rating

Trying to pay off many loans at once can sometimes lead to you missing one of the payments. This will lead to tarnishing your current credit rating. And, if you have poor credit rating, it will be harder to get new credit in the future. However if you consolidate your existing loans and pay just one bill and you do that on time you will start to build a better credit rating.

So, with student loans there is every reason for you to consolidate them. Another thing to bear in mind is that you must choose your new lender carefully. Because often times consolidating loans is usually only allowed once. Sometimes there can be a couple of exceptions to this:

1.You decide to take another loan to study more

2. Some of all your debt was not included in the first loan consolidation.

Just because you may see a better offer further down the road you may not be able to make further changes. This is the reason that you should look at the small print so there will be no speed bumps later.

A few lenders can offer more attractive benefits (or so it may seem), but they may come at the expense of more fees.

Of course, another thing to consider is that you also look at alternative methods for raising capital so you can pay of your loans even quicker than normal. You can often find many methods available online, such as:

1.Start an online business (you can often set up some of these at no cost to you, using free methods)

2. Consider a Crowdfunding venture. (you may be surprised at how many strangers will help your cause)

You must take the time to consider your student loan consolidation very carefully to take advantage of all the systems in place to help you.

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How to Know Whether Your Boyfriend Is Marriage Material

You are on your fourth date. And you have great chemistry and bonding with your boyfriend. How do you know if he is marriage material? Read on to find out.

You ask him a few questions in order to reveal the truth to yourself. Here are a few questions to ask:

1) How do you like your family?

Suppose his response is something like this:

“My family is great. My parents have always worked hard to provide everything – food, clothing and above all, a good education. Naturally I fight with my siblings but we can’t stay even two days apart without making up.”

Now that is a great answer. It is a positive sign. What if his answer is like this: “My parents were divorced when I was a child. I don’t much care about my family because there never ever has been any love or close bonding in the family.”

Now that would be a poor rated answer and you would like to speculate on it.

2) What are your friends like?

“I have about three close friends. David and Jenny just got married and are on a honeymoon. Mary and her boyfriend have decided to get married. Jack is engaged and looking forward to his marriage.”

Now that is a high rated answer. His answer proves that he is ready to get committed to a marriage.

What if his answer is like this:

“My friends Don and Silvia broke up. Sylvia is desperately looking for a date. John and Susan are close friends of mine but they are thinking of getting separated. Henry never still could commit himself to a marriage.”

This is a poor answer. It doesn’t show any proof that your boyfriend will successfully commit to a marriage.

3) What is your work like?

“Well, I am a database administrator in the IT sector of Tektronix company. My job is to check for routine performance, make sure of all updates in the servers and check for bugs in the database systems. On the overall, I am an IT-Tech guy.”

This answer shows that he knows his job and works around well with it.

4) Are you happy with your job? How long have you been working here?

“Pretty long six years. I am happy especially with the raises and a recent promotion.”

Now that is a good rated answer. You know he is successful in his career as well and is not just a vagabond changing jobs and moving places.

You can leave out questions based on his ex-girlfriends which he may not be comfortable with at the moment. But he may be the one himself to reveal everything about them sometime later on.

On the other hand, if his answers to the questions I have discussed here are near about the good rated answers, you can happily note mentally that yes, he is a possible good soul mate and you can’t wait to take the relationship one level higher up.

Rosina S Khan has authored this article, highlighting the questions you can ask after a few dates with your boyfriend in order to find out if he would be a good soul mate.

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Negative Impacts of Western Telenovela on the Moral Development of The African Youth

With the advancement in technology, the mass media has soared up greatly in its programs. The television industry in Africa is now featuring numerous programs and airing series of films. Some of these films are very educative, offering the youth with requisite skills and knowledge to face the present and projected future challenges of life. However, other western-oriented films, such as the ever-ascending telenovela shows are negatively impacting on the moral development of the youth in Africa and as such must be monitored or banned entirely.

Prior to embracing colonialism and westernization, Africans had a very rich oasis of entertainment that did not just fill the recreational needs of the youth but also impacted positively on their moral development. Those forms of entertainment sensitized them of relevant cultural values and norms that enhance good communal living. Storytelling or folklores narrated and performed at evenings during family gatherings instructed the youth on social vices like stealing, disrespect, greediness, laziness and so forth. Good and exemplary moral behaviors were glorified in the narrated folklores that were performed for public viewing. These performances were void of degrading and loose moral acts very rampant in western telenovelas aired on African television networks such as unbridled kissing, fondling of sexual parts of the body, sexual intercourse and other disgraceful acts. These are portrayed in the films as normal, without any blemish or whatsoever. This is highly disparaging! The culture of the African perpetrates dignity and sanity for sexual life reserving it for the matured and married in the society. Thus, the youth in indigenous Africa would not dare engage in the talking or fantasizing of sexual acts. Honesty and moral integrity were promoted in the story lines of recreational performances.

Even in the early phase of technological advancement and the ushering in of the television industry in Africa, the same performances were filmed and aired on televisions. Thus, the cultural values and socially esteemed lifestyle were glorified while loose moral life was mocked at in the performances. It is very sad that morally degrading western telenovelas are telecasted on various television channels in Africa today. This is negatively affecting the moral behaviors of the youth negatively. It is no surprise that cases of teenage pregnancy, armed robbery, lying, laziness and other forms of social vices featured in the gory and sexually-incensed western telenovelas are rampant in modern Africa. The youth in Africa spends astronomical hours daily watching television. If the airing of these western telenovelas and other forms of morally degrading films are not censored or banned completely, modern Africa would witness a breed of carefree, morally sick youths who would make life unbearable for all humanity. Exaggerating this projection may seem, it is indeed a likely reality that is about hitting the African continent.

Leaders of the entertainment industries in Africa must act swiftly to ban the watching of these morally degrading western telenovelas. These western telenovelas are alien to the rich cultural heritage of Africa and tutors African youth anti-development social vices. Granted, some western films are charged with positive moral traits that impact favorably on the moral development of African youths. These can be promoted and aired for public viewing. However, strict monitoring and supervision of the story lines of western telenovelas must be carried out by directors of the entertainment industries and television channels before they are allowed to be aired. This would regulate the kind of telenovelas that the youth of Africa watch and thereby impacting positively on their moral development. The various governments and ministries in charge of the entertainment industries in Africa must deem it a priority to constantly monitor the entertainment industries and the kind of programs and films especially the western telenovelas that are aired on television channels. Strict sanctions such as heavy fines and/or a total ban on the airing of any program by television channels that promotes western telenovelas or any other film that is morally degrading and weakens the moral upbringing of the youth must be instituted and enforced.

The youth are the holders of the pipe of the future. Therefore, their moral development must be dear to the hearts of governments, policy makers and the entire public, especially the elderly class who would leave the mantle of leadership in their care. If the moral fibers of the youth become weak as a result of the negative impacts of western telenovelas and/or other television shows and programs, the future of human societies would be doomed. It would be an everlasting sting and shame on the present elderly generation even after their physical passing and a bad account to the Supreme Being and the ancestors who left these feeble youth in their care!

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Know Your Purpose – Invite New Events – Shine by Teaching or Sharing Knowledge

*Are you going about your life with purpose? Maybe your purpose for doing things is not distinctly seen on the surface. Is it safe to assume your purpose surrounds working towards a goal or dream, right?

Purpose, in my view, is a vernacular for the word goal or mission. I don’t know if you would agree with me or not, so please feel free to leave a comment, or to further elaborate your stance or view. Getting back to my initial point of view: Life Purpose- My goal is to be a messenger of the written or spoken word that brings about a paradigm shift of more consciousness, or to at least glean or reveal more from positive perspectives versus negative views.

We have all evolved in so many forms. As humanity, we are all evolving daily. Whether it be in technology, sociology or sheer chemistry, we are all evolving organically in many ways! It is the responsibility of those that have life experience to share their knowledge. Knowledge is something that is lived and perceived in any type of scenario or setting. Learning is the most conducive to your way of processing different, new, or more information. We can all advance our skills by getting out of our own comfort zone from time to time, and by finding new ways of thinking. Cementing our way of learning can also be accomplished by teaching another or by sharing what you have learned with others. Be willing to be a mentor, or to at least share ways to help others advance in your favorite area or expertise, by your skills, education or discovery.

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot more about yourself, while on vacation, when your mind and time is not stressed, then you can during your regular daily routine. You know what I mean? For example: Taking a wrong turn off of the highway. Did you not make a new discovery? You did. The reason: because you got out of your regular auto-pilot mode of thinking and let your mind expand and wander into unchartered territory. That’s when experiencing something different turns into learning something new! Let your light of wisdom, knowledge or experience aid or uplift another!~ Others can learn by your positive force or actions, even when you are unaware that somebody is listening or watching you, please know- they are!

Enjoy yourself and welcome new adventures, people and places daily, you’ll shine the light of your ideas onto others,and have no regret when you reach the end of your life. You’ll be glad that you did whimsical, or out-of-the-ordinary things that brought you new paradigms of joy and energy…

I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

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